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Timberstone Golf Course

Caldwell, ID – 9/29/2018

Clubhouse: B  

The clubhouse at Timberstone is modern and updated, although small. Most amenities are present, including a minimal selection of clubs and golf accessories. There is a very large, replenishing snack area. There is no bar or restaurant in the clubhouse.

Bar: C       

Timberstone does not include a bar on-site. However, there is a large selection of beer and non-alcoholic beverages available for you to enjoy throughout your round.

Amenities: C+    

There are bathrooms located throughout the course. That being said, these bathrooms are port-a-potties–not the most luxurious option on a golf course, but always convenient when you need them.

Price: $$ 

What a deal!! Even though you need to make the trek from the heart of Boise to the outskirts of Caldwell, Timberstone was running a great special for $39 with a cart. Oh, I forgot to mention this price was on the weekend!!

Practice facilities: A     

Practice facilities were superb. The driving range was lush, with clearly marked yardages throughout the whole range. There was also a three bay indoor hitting facility for lessons and winter practice.

Staff friendliness: A     

The staff was very friendly. Even though checking in took a good five minutes, the customer service and personality was well worth the wait. We were also greeted on the first hole from a staff member who was exciting and welcoming. There was no “what are you doing on my course” feeling from any staff member we encountered.

Carts (if riding): A++     

BRAND NEW!! There is nothing else you can say. These carts are the most equipped and technological I have ridden in. Easy and intuitive GPS units come standard in every cart. These GPS units also track your whereabouts on the course: If you get too close to out-of-bounds, you may end up backing up your cart just to be able to regain power to the motor. Even though we did not cross the boundary line, the power to our cart was cut. Although it was a funny and great story to tell later, it did cause an inconvenience of getting out and pushing the cart. Well worth it to enjoy these brand new carts.

Tee boxes: A     

All tee boxes were in great shape. It was never difficult finding flat/rough ground to get comfortable and not be distracted by uneven ground.

Bunkers: A     

Bunkers played consistently throughout the whole course. They were professionally maintained and easy to enter and exit. They provided difficulty to the overall experience of the course, but were not difficult to hit out of. Great experience on the beach!

Fairways: A     

Fairways were green and lush, in great shape, always making it worth it to land, and also hit out of the fairway.

Greens: A-     

Smooth and fast. It did seem as though the greens had a hard time recovering from previous divots. That being said, this did not hinder the lines of our putts. This course plays quite short, making approach shots easier. This may also explain the large volume of divot repair marks.

Difficulty: 7     

Being as Timberstone is in its infancy, it is difficult to expect much. The course is in fantastic shape. Strategically placed bunkers can make greenside play difficult, but immature trees make play from the rough recoverable.

Ambiance: B+  

Surrounded by apple orchards and the quiet sounds of the country, it’s difficult not to fall in love with the calm and wonder of this well kept and inviting course in the country.

Overall Experience: A   

Honestly, I have lived in Idaho my entire life. It has been a long while since something new has gotten me as excited as golfing Timberstone. Driving to the course brings you back to the roots of Idaho, farming, country, and open space. I highly recommend finding your way to Timberstone golf course to remember how golf is supposed to be played and enjoyed, with well maintained grounds and an enjoyable experience with your friends and new golf buddies along the way.

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