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Terrace Lakes Golf Course

Garden Valley, Idaho

Clubhouse: B   

Small clubhouse with multiple golf course memorabilia choices, but not too much on the equipment side of things. But then again, how often do you go to a golf course to buy your golf equipment?

Bar: A   

Micro brews and Domestic available for purchase for your round, as well as a great sized restaurant to order your adult beverage and a bite to eat after your round.

Amenities: B+   

Most amenities are available. There are many opportunities to find a bathroom on the course. Water fountains are also provided. A drink cart was not provided during this particular golf outing. 

Price: $$$$   

Expensive course to play on the weekend, $60 with a cart on the weekend. We had to wait for a cart, even though there seemed to be a considerable amount of personal carts in use. Although expensive, this is not to say I wouldn’t spend the money to enjoy the mountainous terrain, difficult, and well maintained golf course.

Practice Facilities: B-     

Small driving range, located where the course can interfere with play. Condition of the hitting surface earns an A rating. Putting green is pretty flat compared to the conditions encountered on the course. 

Staff Friendliness: A+     

Even though members pay a fee, you are still welcomed with open arms. Staff makes sure you are well taken care of and have everything you need to have a successful, comfortable round. 

Carts (if riding): B     

Nice motorized carts. Did not seem to have enough carts to provide patrons if the course got any busier than they already were.

Tee Boxes: A-   

Most tee boxes were flat, and in good shape. Some were under repair, but were still being used as a tee box. It is safe to assume this will not be the case later in the season. 

Bunkers: A     

Sand stayed consistent throughout the course. Easy to gauge the amount of distance and control necessary to stick it close!

Fairways: A+     

Fairways were phenomenal. Finding a dry spot on this course was very difficult. Anywhere on any fairway, you were finding yourself with a clean lie. Also a difficult course to find yourself in the fairway/rough with dense foliage lining the course on almost every hole

Greens: A+     

Green were in great shape. Even after a large amount of rain the day and night prior, greens were rolling smooth and fast. Still found it difficult stopping the ball close, even in moist conditions. Greens were consistently sloped and difficult to reach.

Course Conditions: A     

Overall conditions great. After the wet night, finding yourself in the rough can be a difficult battle. There was some standing water in some areas, where driving through with your cart could get you stuck, but this is expected this time of year. The maintenance crew knows how to keep this course maintained and playing at a high level.

Difficulty: 9.5     

This is an extremely difficult course. Playing in the mountains you have forest all around you. The fairway has a few feet of rough on each side and past that is the woods, where you will be lucky to find your ball at all, let alone be able to play it.

Ambience: A+     

This course is Idaho in a nutshell. The outdoors, good weather, good people, and a great golf course. There is great camping right around the corner, and it is a very reasonable 45 minute drive from the great city of Boise. 

Overall Rating: A      

Great course. Very challenging, but also very reachable. I am not much of a long distance player, I preach accuracy over distance. It is difficult finding a course currently that plays to both of those strengths. My recommendation: Put that driver away, and keep the ball down the middle of the fairway. Trying to cut corners on this course can find yourself treading through some deep, thick foliage looking for a ball you won’t find!

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