River Birch Golf Course

Star, ID

Clubhouse: B  

Medium-small clubhouse with limited selection of equipment but they do have a good selection of polos.

Bar: B 

Smaller sized bar across the hall from the clubhouse, few regional & local beer options. Traditional golf course food.

Amenities: A   

Few permanent bathrooms on this course, water coolers on almost every hole. They also had the drink cart on the course for the weekend rounds.

Price: $$$       

Public course, average green fees $45+ riding. They have some deals if you book online with 2-4 players. Only had time to golf nine holes but definitely affordable.

Practice facilities: B+   

Medium sized driving range with some targets to aim at. Small putting green doesn’t accurately represent the greens on the course. Small chipping/putting green near the driving range, which is across the street from the clubhouse.  

Staff friendliness: A     

The staff is pretty friendly!  Very personable and knowledgeable. Have a new head pro starting next week, so looking forward to meeting him.  

Carts (if riding): A        

Normal battery powered carts, no GPS or extras. Had some nice storage capacity, a net compartment attached to the inside roof of the golf cart to hold your wallet or something of that nature.

Tee boxes: A   

Tee boxes were in great shape. Flat, green and well maintained. No complaints here.

Bunkers: A       

Sand was average and consistent.  All bunkers were clean and maintained very well.

Fairways: A-    

Fairways were in good condition, well taken care of. Few spots that could use some more water. No brown spots but dry spots.

Greens: B+    

Average greens on this course. They were firm and fast. They were pretty dry by late morning.   

Difficulty: 6.5  

This course is medium on the difficulty scale. Greens were fast and made it difficult to get in a good rhythm (that could be because I’m a bad golfer). Pretty easy to get to each green in two, just have to be able to finish.

Ambiance:  A     

Course is located on Highway 16 in Star Idaho, on the way to Emmet Idaho. The course has some great view of the mountains, local farm land and of course is full of beautiful trees.

Overall Rating: 

There are a lot of reasons to love this course! It is affordable, has great conditions (just needs a little more water in some areas), easy enough course and has a lot of room for error. The playing conditions are great, staff is knowledgeable and you have a great view on almost every hole. We will definitely be back to play again. I recommend playing there, especially if you have never been.


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