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Quail Hollow Golf Course      

Boise, ID  – 8/4/18

Clubhouse: A     

Larger clubhouse with a good selection of equipment, various style and brands. They don’t yet carry I’D Golf gear but keep your eye out.

Bar: A   

Medium sized bar with a great selection of beer. I think there are 36 different beers there! They also have a full bar, so take advantage of the selection!

Amenities: B+    

Few bathrooms on this course, plenty of water coolers.

Price: $$$       

City owned course. We had the first tee time on a Saturday morning and only paid $47 with a cart, so it is definitely affordable!

Practice facilities: A-    

Medium sized driving range and a good-sized putting green. Putting green gives you a decent idea of how the greens on the course are playing.

Staff friendliness: A     

The staff is very friendly! We actually golfed with one of the employees out there, Sam. He had great insight about the course and how to play certain holes. He also demolished us on the course.

Carts (if riding): B+    

Normal battery powered carts, no GPS or extras.

Tee boxes: A+   

Great tee boxes!  Flat, green and in great shape!

Bunkers: A       

Sand is above average and very consistent.  Some holes the sand was little harder than others (could be because we played at 7am) but all bunkers were clean and maintained very well. We learned a little bit about maintaining bunkers while playing with Sam. It’s a tough job.

Fairways: A     

Fairways are in great condition, well taken care of. They are green, mowed and not a dry patch to be found. If you hit it in the fairway you are in great shape.

Greens: A        

Above average greens on this course!  The ball rolled great! Fast and firm but not overly quick. They absorbed shots coming in great, while still giving you some roll. Remember to fix your divots where ever you play!

Difficulty: 7.5 

The course is above average difficulty. Sam said once you play there enough you only need a driver on a few holes and a 200-yard club on most par 4s. I followed his advice and hit pretty well off the tee but couldn’t hit a second shot to save my life, hence he destroyed us (me).

Ambiance: A     

The course is just north of Boise, lying in the base of the foothills. A great course to see a variety of wild life, while also catching a glimpse of downtown Boise here and there.

Overall Experience: A+   

We absolutely love this course, even if we struggle from time to time. Quail Hollow is one of the most popular courses in Boise and continues to gain popularity every year. Fun fact, Quail Hollow has a double green (hole 5 & 18) that covers 30,000 square feet, making it one of the largest in North America. I don’t think there is one thing we don’t like about the course. We will be back out at Quail for a tournament in 2 weeks! If you haven’t played there it is an absolute must!

Make your tee time by calling 208-344-7807

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