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Clubhouse: B-

The clubhouse at Lakeview Golf Course is a good sized building. The clubhouse portion of the building is small, with a limited selection of golf apparel and equipmentt.

Bar: A

The bar portion of the clubhouse is well equipped with beverages for both on the course as well as for your 19th hole beverage. A full service bar and bartender await to whip up your favorite cocktail after you possibly smashed a window in a house on this straightforward, but intimidating golf course.

Amenities: B

The course has four bathrooms along the way–two on the front nine and two on the back. Finding bathroom number two is a bit of an easter egg hunt. Look toward the road on the green of hole number 8, there you will find what you are looking for! You will find three port-o-potties and one permanent structure on the tee box of hole 12.

Price: $$$

This is one of the more reasonable courses to play 18 holes in the valley. We were able to play 18 holes and rent a golf board to ride for just $42! Finding any golf course under $50 on the weekends is always worth a golf outing!

Practice facilities: C+

The driving range is a pond with floating golf balls. This is always a fun experience because it is not something you encounter everywhere. Being as it’s a body of water, it can also present an opportunity to target a golfers’ worst enemy: Geese. The most difficult obstacle of the driving range is drivers are not allowed as houses at the back of the range are within range of the long bomb!

Staff friendliness: A+

Everyone we encountered was willing to lend a helping hand. The counter staff were engaging and friendly, getting us checked in and on our way in an efficient and timely manner. After receiving our golf boards, the staff gave us a quick crash course. I quickly chimed in letting them know “crash” course was not the best choice of words for first time riders.

Carts (if riding): A+

Golf boards just revealed themselves here in the treasure valley! What a fun way to put a new twist on the way we navigate the course on the weekend! All three of us playing were able to enjoy these new amenities after we got the hang of them for a few holes. Boards come with coolers, cup holders, and a strap to hold your golf bag. What more could you ask for?!

Tee boxes: B

Tee boxes were not in the best condition. Even though I gave them a B rating, I don’t believe this is a true representation on condition of the tee boxes. We are just coming out of our winter season. Tee boxes will be highly improved over the next month and a half.

Bunkers: B+

For the first time in a while, I did not have to spend any time on the beach! Bunkers are present, but not a threat on many approach shots into greens. Bunkers were in good shape, giving you a fair chance of getting the ball on the green from the sand.

Fairways: A

Fairways were in great shape! It is always great playing a course that is rewarding to find the fairway on your drive. I know that sounds weird, but there are courses I have played where finding rough is favorable because of the condition of the fairways: dry, patchy, dirt filled fairways.

CAUTION: This course’s fairways are lined with houses. Any errant shot is sure to find the roof of a home, or worse, a homeowners window. Nick got lucky today… he bladed a sand-wedge from the fairway and crushed a window at Mach 5 speed but it didn’t break! They must have had bullet proof windows or something! Disclaimer, most windows will break when this happens!

Greens: A

Greens were rolling great! They were holding moisture, but rolling true. The moisture was causing the balls to slow, but your ball rolling true always improves your chances of putting the ball in the bottom of the cup.

Difficulty: 6.5

With open fairways and only a few long holes, this course is one of the easier in the valley. The difficulty in this course lies in the dog legs, which can be found on 90% of the holes.

Ambiance: A+

This rating is not for everyone, just my personal opinion. Lakeview Golf Course is where we grew up playing together. The argument can be made this is where I’D Golf was born because this course is where we first played together as a group. Lakeview is where our friendships became strong and our love of golf grew stronger. Coming back to visit Lakeview always brings back great memories for every one of us here at I’D Golf.

Overall rating: B+

Find your way to Lakeview Golf Course for a piece of hometown pie. Tucked back in a traditional Meridian, Idaho neighborhood, you will find a hometown feel. Lakeview is always making improvements, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the future.

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