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By: Nick Fry

If you have been golfing for a while then you probably have a small group of golf buddies. For me, my golf buddies are also my best friends. It makes every round entertaining when you are golfing with people you are most comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong, I like golfing period and it usually doesn’t matter who I am with, I will always have a good time. But when golfing with your closest friends you can joke with them after a bad shot, you can cuss, yell or even cry if you need to and at the end of the day they will be there for the next round.

It might be obvious that my golf buddies are Zack, Derrick and Craig (The I’D Golf boys) and that when the four of us all go out together it is probably the most fun you can have on a golf course! Well, the most fun you can have on the golf course without playing with Tiger Woods or winning The Masters. There is usually a lot of trash talking between the four of us, sometimes we have side bets, sometimes we give each other advice and sometimes we just go out to play 18 holes and drink a couple beers. Whatever the occasion is we always have a blast.

If you are new to golfing, I would encourage you to find someone you know that also likes to golf or wants to learn. There is nothing wrong with playing alone but in my opinion, it is never as fun as with a group of friends. Plus, if you hit a hole-in-one then nobody is there to witness it (I like to dream big)! If you don’t know anyone that golfs or wants to learn to golf, then go to the range and meet someone and invite them to go out with you the next time you play a round. The golf course is a great place to forge and strengthen relationships.

When I first met Derrick, I was 19 years old and working at Albertsons. He was one of my new bosses and he seemed like an okay guy. But when we found out that each other likes to golf, it didn’t take long for us to set up a tee time. He had told me that none of his friends here in Boise were big into golf. He was looking for that new golf buddy! We went and played a round after one of our shifts at Lake View (We happened to work across the street). I don’t remember how I played that day… probably bad! But it didn’t take long for me to tell Zack and Craig that we should all get out and play.

It was that next September that the four of us signed up for our first 9/11 memorial golf tournament as a team and since then we have only missed it one year. After years of golfing 9/11 we started playing other tournaments together around Idaho and the rest is history. Because of our close friendships solidified on the golf course we were able to found The Dick Out Cup, I’D Golf and who knows what next!

Let us know who your golf buddies are and how that relationship forged!

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