Falcon Crest Golf Course

Kuna, ID

Clubhouse: B

Small clubhouse with decent selection of equipment, nothing special.

Bar: B

Small bar, few regional & local beer options. Snacks & hotdogs.

Amenities: B- 

Added 9-hole Freedom Course and Robin Hood Course. No 9-hole rate. Lack of bathrooms. One toilet in the clubhouse and a couple porta-potties on the course. 

Price: $$$

Affordable, privately owned course.  Average green fees $50 riding. closer to $60 on the weekend.

Practice facilities: B

Large driving range, putting green is large, does not reflect actual course greens.

Staff friendliness: 

The staff is very friendly!  Very personable and knowledgeable.

Carts (if riding): B 

Normal carts, no GPS or extras.

Tee boxes: B+ 

Decent tee boxes. Flat and taken care of. 

Bunkers: B+ 

Sand is above average, typically raked.

Fairways: B+  

Fairways are in good condition, well taken care of.

Greens: A 

Above average greens on this course, they are very well taken care of.

Course Conditions: B+ 

Overall conditions are good, grass is manicured nicely.

Difficulty: 8.5 

This course is very challenging. Medium undulated greens, distance and accuracy are both important here.

Ambiance: A- 

Course has amazing views of the countryside and some elevation. 

Overall Rating:  B+  

Awesome course! We give it a B+ rating overall. Conditions are good, staff is friendly and the scenes are beautiful.

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