Eagle Hills Golf Course

Eagle, ID

Clubhouse: D   

Small clubhouse with close to no selection of equipment. Gentleman in front of us forgot to bring his golf shoes. The club house only had one pair (not style) available and they were the wrong size. A lot of empty shelves, making the clubhouse look bare. 

Bar: C    

Medium sizedf bar, few regional & local beer options. Not a great selection of food if you are there in the morning. I had to leave money on the counter for my coffee because there was no one there to serve me. 

Amenities: B    

Few permanent bathrooms on this course, water coolers.

Price: $$$$     

Can be spendy! Privately owned course.  Average green fees $50+ riding. But they did offer 20% off on Father’s Day if you booked a tee time online between 8-11am.

Practice facilities: B     

Medium driving range hitting into the water, putting green is medium sized but does not accurately reflects course conditions. I golfed in the rain and the greens were still pretty quick.

Staff friendliness:  B-     

The staff is fairly friendly. Had one person tell me they called to make a tee time and nobody answered the phone. They got sent to voicemail and were told to book online. Which isn’t too hard but you have to sign up for an account before you can book a tee time.  

Carts (if riding): C+       

Normal motorized carts, no GPS or extras. My cart had trouble getting started and watched at least on other guy get towed back to the clubhouse because his cart was dead. 

Tee boxes: B+    

Most tee boxes were in good shape. There were a few that were in bad shape. 

Bunkers: B+  

This was probably the one day I didn’t hit a ball out of the sand in my whole golf career. Sand was average, a little tough from the early morning sprinklers but not the worst sand I’ve seen. 

Fairways: A    

Fairways are in good condition, Unfortunately I was in the rough most of the day.   

Greens: A-      

I would say the greens are above average. They were recently mowed and playing a little slow. But were in good shape and absorbing the ball good when landing on the green.  

Course Conditions: B   

Overall conditions were good, not great. Has the potential to be an awesome course. Needs a little more tender loving care before it gets there though. 

Difficulty: 7.5 

This course is medium on the difficulty scale.  Some undulated greens, slanted and narrow fairways. Some tricky par 3s that are never easy. Houses line some holes, which take away some angles.

Ambiance: B-   

Course has some views of Downtown Eagle. Tucked away between a couple neighborhoods. Houses in the area are nice and well taken care of, so they aren’t an eye sore to look at.

Overall Rating: B-   

I think it is safe to say we were fairly disappointed in the lack of equipment in the clubhouse, trying to find someone to buy a cup of coffee from, no breakfast food, struggling golf carts and the overall playing conditions. Being a privately owned course, you expect a country club layout. It is however, one of two courses to host Boise Fire Departments annual September 11th Memorial Golf Tournament. They do not yet offer I’d Golf gear but if that changes we will let you know!

You can book your tee time here: https://eaglehillsgolfcourse.com/

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