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Our Story

Love where you golf, a motto that drives each and every one of us here at I’D Golf. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, we began golfing together and growing our passion for golf in 2010. Even though we currently have full-time jobs, hopes are high that golf will one day be the center of our careers. During our many golf outings, I’D Golf evolved from an idea on the course to a business venture we are all passionate and proud of. I’D Golf was founded on the premise to provide quality golf clothing and accessories to make you look good, feel good, golf better, and overall help you love where you golf. Our product reflects our love for our home state, Idaho, and our love for golf.

Nick was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He didn’t start golfing until he was 18 years old. Having played baseball his whole life he was worried learning to golf would mess up his baseball swing. But soon after high school he traded in his cleats for golf shoes. Nick has had the opportunity to golf multiple courses in Idaho, surrounding states and various countries since picking up golf. He would say that he is the least consistent golfer out of the four I’D Golf founders. When Nick is on, he is on but when he is off… it can get a bit ugly. Nick’s favorite Idaho golf course is Shadow Valley, just outside of Boise, Idaho.

Derrick was raised in beautiful Twin Falls, Idaho.  He always had a love for all sports, but after college that love blossomed into an obsession with the great game of golf. He quickly realized that skill was not his strong point, so he figured focusing on golf apparel might be the best bet. Along with his 3 best friends….I’D Golf was born.  You can identify Derrick by not only his ruggish good looks, but how he jumps the highest in the four man chest bump.  (see pictured) Derrick, and the men of I’D Golf, hope to bring us all together with the love of golf, great friends and our gorgeous country.  Cheers!

Craig was born in Boise, Idaho where he grew up loving all sports and outdoor activities, but baseball was his main focus for the better half of his life. To replace the void of no longer playing college baseball, he sought out a “future” in golf. His grandfather was the first to introduce him to the amazing and unforgiving sport. With little time to focus on getting better at golf at a young age, it was not until recently he started taking it more seriously. By serious, he means getting much more angry on the course than he ever had before. Craig will do anything to get on the course with his buddies, even though that might include missing some weekend time with his forgiving wife. Craig’s favorite course in Idaho is Blue Lake’s Country Club, found in the Snake River Canyon of Twin Falls, Idaho. One of his best friends has been generous enough to take him for outings, where he fell in love with the placid blue waters, natural undulation of the course, and pristine conditions. Craig has loved every minute of his golf adventure in Idaho, and he cannot wait to golf more around the United States and other countries to see where everyone else “loves to golf”.

Zack… well let’s get all jokes about him out now; He hits on the wrong side of the ball, his clubs are upside down, and “Yes, you parked the cart on the wrong side of the ball.” He’s the lefty of the I’d Golf crew. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He grew up playing basketball, football, and baseball. While golf was never a priority he always found time to play a round or two every year. Now, you will find Zack on a local Boise course much more frequently. While his game is hit and miss, he continues to enjoy any moment he can get with close friends on the links. He will tell you his favorite golf hole is the one you can never bogey… Number 19! 


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Favorite Courses

Nick’s Favorite Idaho Course

There are so many beautiful, fun, amazing golf courses to play in Idaho but my favorite course so far is Shadow Valley. At Shadow Valley you really get the feel for what Idaho has to offer. Located just north of Boise at the base of the foothills you get to experience the outdoors while you play 18 holes of golf. Depending on the season, you might see deer, gophers, people jogging with there dogs on the trails in the hills and even rattle snakes.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Love where you golf and look good doing it!

Our Vision

To have every golfer in Idaho proudly sporting our I’d Golf gear both on and off the course.

Our Values

One of our biggest values is community. Our goal is to bring both the local and golfing communities together to support one another.

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